Company Profile

Baked nutrition and health food professional company

Company Profile

Qingdao Bright moon Haixiang Nutritional Food Co., Ltd. is a 200 million yuan national health industry project invested by Qingdao Bright moon Seaweed Group. The company is located in the beautiful Shandong Peninsula - Bright moon Baby Children's Food Industry Park (No. 788 Bright moon Road), the company's first phase is 20,000 square meters, and the second phase is 30,000 square meters. Square meters, 10,000 square meters of warehouse. The production workshop is strictly built in accordance with the GB 10769 standard. The company introduces international advanced production technology and equipment and optimizes production technology. It is a professional enterprise that standardizes, scales and refines the production and sells baking nutritional and healthy food.

The company relies on high-level scientific research platforms such as the National Key Laboratory of Seaweed Active Substances of Bright moon Seaweed Group, postdoctoral scientific research workstation, academician expert workstation and other high-level scientific research platforms. It employs a number of Japanese and Korean technical experts as enterprise research and development consultants, and can produce more than dozens of different flavors of rice fruit products. Mickey has a diversified taste and a taste that meets the needs of customers at multiple levels. The group company has more than 10,000 existing partners and covers more than 10 countries and regions across six continents. The business model is combined with OEM and ODM. At present, friendly cooperation has been carried out with many domestic airlines, many head brands, operators, e-commerce and supermarkets in domestic infant and child channels. Overseas markets have reached cooperation agreements with dozens of overseas operators such as Japan, Russia, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Chile, Europe and so on. The company's products have footprints all over the world, and their products have been unanimously praised by customers in domestic and foreign markets!

The company successfully obtained the infant and child supplementary food standard certification (GB 10769 standard) in July 2020.

Infant cereal-assisted food certification, complete qualifications, quality assurance, strict raw material management, mineral, vitamins and other nutrients can fully meet the requirements of "safe + nutrition" for infants and young children's supplementary food.