Product advantages

High-standard clean production workshop, GB 10769 infant cereal aid certification

Product advantages

High standard clean production workshop

Have a clean workshop that meets the standards of infant and auxiliary food production, as well as advanced production technology and automated and digital production lines.

Infant-to-child cereal-assisted food certification

HACCP certification

Complete qualifications, guaranteed quality, strict raw material management, infant rice cake science added nutrients, including calcium, iron, zinc, vitamins and other nutrients.

Inspection equipment

High standards are equipped with testing equipment and inspectors that meet the requirements of infant and auxiliary standards.

Future product research and development direction

Take rice fruit as the carrier to develop nutritional supplementary foods suitable for infants and children;

Functional food suitable for middle-aged and elderly people;

Relying on the advantages of Bright moon Seaweed Group's in-depth research on seaweed, we try to combine functional and innovative foods with seaweed active substances.